A chat with novelist M O Walsh and his book 'The Big Door Prize' and social justice singer songwriter, Crys Matthews

What would you do if you knew your life's potential - and it wasn't the life you were currently living? This is our entry point into the fictional town of Deerfield, Louisiana and the latest novel from M O Walsh (https://www.mowalsh.com/) called 'The Big Door Prize', which is this year's Daniel Boone Regional Library's selected One Read book. In Act One of the show Diana chats with author M O Walsh about his book and writing fiction. And in Act Two, social justice singer-songwriter, Crys Matthews (https://www.crysmatthews.com/), talks about writing from the heart and turning difficult conversations into songs. Opening and closing musical credits with thanks to guitarist Yasmin Williams (www.yasminwilliamsmusic.com)
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