A movement scientist dancer, a fine artist muralist, and a nature photographer: Checking in with the Missouri Arts Council's December featured artists

Each month the Missouri Arts Council features four artists on its website from a variety of arts genres, and on this week's show Diana Moxon checks in (belatedly) with the December artists: St Louis-based Elinor Harrison, a dancer with a national touring resume who is doing pioneering research into how singing can improve the gait of people with Parkinson's Disease; Christine Riutzel from Hollister, a muralist and fine artists whose art is therapy that helps her unpack past traumas, doubts and insecurities caused by an extreme religious upbringing; and a nature/wildlife photographer from Joplin who turned his hobby into a full time job. You can see/hear/learn about the works of this week's guests on their websites: https://www.elinorharrison.com/; https://www.beautyfromlight.com/; https://www.greenheronphoto.com/. Thanks, as always, to guitarist Yasmin Williams (http://www.yasminwilliamsmusic.com/) for the show's opening and closing music entitled, 'Restless Heart'. (Pictured artwork by Christine Riutzel)
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