A once-a-year art show, some dance, x-acto knife art, and a flutist

Keeping it eclectic this week Diana Moxon chats with the two women behind the annual Boone County Art Show: Mary Wilkerson from Central Bank of Boone County (which has hosted the show for 63 years), and Kelsey Hammond from the Columbia Art League. Plus Karen Mareck Grundy talks dance with Diana and about changing the name of her organization from the Missouri Contemporary Ballet to Mareck Dance. Artist Sarah Nguyen talks about the origin and inspiration for her large scroll works intricately carved with an x-acto knife. And St Louis-based flutist, Wendy Hymes, talks about learning to play African rhythms and her upcoming concert at the University of Missouri on October 10th. Opening and closing musical credits with thanks to guitarist Yasmin Williams (www.yasminwilliamsmusic.com).
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