A work of classic American theatre, a contemporary rock musical, and a collection of poems

This week's show is a theatre-poetry-theatre sandwich. Diana Moxon chats with theatre director Elizabeth Braaten Palmieri and actor Lindsey Oberle about Stephens College's upcoming production of the American classic, 'Our Town', by Thornton Wilder and explores how the play's significance changes as we age. In Act II poet Lynne Jensen Lampe talks about her first full collection of poetry titled 'Talk Smack to a Hurricane' which centers on her relationship with her mother, whose life was irrevocably altered by psychiatric misdiagnosis. And in Act III it's back to the theatre for a look at Talking Horse Production's rock musical 'Murder Ballad' with its director, Trent Rash, and actor, Megan McNew. Opening and closing music with thanks to guitarist Yasmin Williams (www.yasminwilliamsmusic.com)
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