Portrait photography, murals, colored pencils and landscapes from the soul: Checking in with the Missouri Arts Council's featured November artists

Each month the Missouri Arts Council features four artists on its website from a variety of arts genres, and on this week's show Diana Moxon checks in with the November artists: portrait photographer Randy Bacon from Springfield whose profoundly moving photographs of unsheltered people has traveled the country and is also a vital viewing short film "The Road I Call Home" (https://www.randybacon.com/the-road-i-call-home-short-film); St Louis-based visual artist and art educator, Simiya Sudduth, whose love of mural painting might have started when they drew their classmates names on their mother's basement ceiling as a first grader; from Cameron, colored pencil artist Wanda Taylor whose paintings of animals appear tactile; and landscape painter Michael McClure from Willow Springs whose vibrant and light-filled paintings are guided by his intuition and his soul. You can see the works of this week's guests on their websites: https://www.randybacon.com/; https://spiritscapes.life/; http://www.wandataylorart.com/; https://www.michaelmcclure.com/. Thanks, as always, to guitarist Yasmin Williams (http://www.yasminwilliamsmusic.com/) for the show's opening and closing music entitled, 'Restless Heart'. (Pictured artwork by Wanda Taylor)
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