Steel Magnolias, The Masters' Exhibit, and The Thanksgiving Play

This week's show is a theatre-fine art-theatre sandwich with host, Diana Moxon, talking to Talking Horse Production theatre directors, DeeDee Farris and Mark Baumgartner about their production of the Larissa Fasthorse comedy satire, 'The Thanksgiving Play' in which the history of Thanksgiving, woke culture, and privilege checking all collide. In Act II of the show, Diana explores Sager Reeves Gallery's 2022 Masters' Exhibit and its theme of love, human connection, courtship and sex, with the show's curator and art historian, Hannah Reeves. And in Act III, it's back to the stage with actors Monica Palmer and Ginger Cawley introducing their M'Lynn Eatenton and Truvy Jones from the upcoming Columbia Entertainment Company production of 'Steel Magnolias'. Opening and closing music with thanks to guitarist Yasmin Williams ( [pictured: Leonor Fini 'Masked Figure' from The Masters' Exhibit]
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