The Arts in Review - A look back on Speaking of the Arts in 2020

Despite lockdowns, ghost lights, reductions and limitations, Speaking of the Arts has gone out every week this year thanks to the extraordinary group of arts leaders we have in Columbia Missouri. And one of the silver linings of this recording-from-home year has been the opportunity to reach out to people that are doing amazing work in other parts of the country - or world. On this week's show, host Diana Moxon, delves into the archives from the past 12 months and revisits some of the chats with people from beyond the local community: guitarist Yasmin Williams; film-maker David France and his documentary subject, Maxim, who came to town for the True/False film fest with their doc 'Welcome to Chechnya'; Tupperware lady supreme, Dixie Longate; French horn player Amanda Collins; Nigerian-Ghanaian-American composer, FredO; conductor Marlon Daniel; and American-living-in-Berlin comedian, Corey Ott. Opening and closing music with thanks to Yasmin Williams (

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