The Arts in the time of Masks - A pair of Christmas Carols and a couple of books for your holiday gift list

On this week's show a pair of Christmas Carols and a couple of books. With stages still dark, two theatre companies are reinventing Dickens' A Christmas Carol to engage us from our home sofas. Greenhouse Theatre Project (GTP) and Arrow Rock's Lyceum Theatre, both adept adaptors of Dickens' work, have adapted it once more and this time with some extra technology sparkles. Show host, Diana Moxon, chats with Elizabeth Braaten Palmieri from GTP and Quin Gresham from The Lyceum Theatre. Meanwhile, in the stocking-stuffer department, authors Kira Harris ('Equillian's Key' - and Jill Orr ('The Full Scoop' - have new books out that are something of a departure from their usual genre. Harris' illustrated picture book for adults 'The World is Full of Assholes' and Jill Orr's 'How Not To Be Old (Even If You Are)' are out in time for gift giving. Kira Harris joins Diana from her home in Perth, Western Australia, and Jill Orr from Columbia, Missouri. Opening and closing music with thanks to Yasmin Williams (

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