The Arts in the Time of Masks, Monologues and Illuminated Poetry

Keeping us all engaged with the arts during COVID19 is no mean feat but this month two arts happenings are aiming both to amuse us on our sofas and also get us out of the house. Talking Horse Productions Original Monologue Contest runs from September 1-30 and the theatre company's Artistic Director, Adam Brietzke, tells Diana all about it. Meanwhile the University of Missouri's Artist in Residence (AIR) Program will be illuminating buildings around campus with works from 5 poets and 1 graphic designer. AIR coordinators Marie Hunter and Katie Harris drop in to the virtual studio to talk about In Focus: Poetry, and poet Marc McKee and graphic designer Cynthia Perez also stop by to talk about their contributions to the project, which runs from September 8-13. Find out more about the project here: Thanks also to guitarist Yasmin Williams whose song Restless Heart plays at the beginning and end of the show. You can find out more about her music at or on Spotify.

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