The Arts in the Time of Masks part 47.5

The award-winning international conductor, Marlon Daniel, is the world expert on the music of Chevalier de Saint-Georges, has conducted for prestigious orchestras across Europe and the United States, has spent his career promoting diversity within the classical music world and focusing on music by composers of African descent, and is the Director of The Saint-Georges International Music Festival in Guadeloupe and Founder of the Ensemble du Monde orchestra. And this week he joins Diana Moxon for a full hour chat about his career, influences and his connection to Cookie Monster. You can find more information about The Saint-Georges International Music Festival here: and about Marlon on his website at Thanks also to guitarist Yasmin Williams, whose song 'Restless Heart' plays the show in and out. Find out more about Yasmin's music at as well as on Spotify:

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