The Arts in the Time of Rising Statistics - Part 1,700

This week's Speaking of the Arts is a back-to-school edition in honor of all the teachers, staff, janitors and everyone else who is facing the unknown unknowns. Actors Jennifer and John Hemphill talk about teaching singing and acting at Stephens College this Fall; Dr. Julia Gaines discusses preparations the University of Missouri's School of Music are making; Director of Bands at Hickman High School, Denis Swope, talks about what Marching Band looks like in a pandemic; and the person in charge of all things art from K through 12 at Columbia Public Schools, James Melton, talks about he hopes to never hope the word pivot again. Thanks, as always to guitarist Yasmin Williams, for allowing her song 'Restless Heart' to be played for the show's intro and outro. You can hear more of her music on Spotify and via her website

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