The Arts Partly from your Sofa part 43.5

It's not every day an award-winning international composer agrees to come and chat on Speaking of the Arts, but that all changes on this week's show when Fred Onovwerosuoke - otherwise known as FredO - chats to me about being an immigrant composer and why a George Orwell passage became a chant in his Triptych of American Voices: A Cantata of the People. Also actor Richard Harris joins me to talk about the COMO Griot Society, the legacy of August Wilson's 1996 manifesto 'The Ground on Which I Stand', and about his famous Granny - Opal Lee. Plus a new man in the neighborhood, Mr Mosy aka the Missouri Symphony Orchestra's Executive Director, Trent Rash, drops in to talk comfy sweaters, bowties and musical feelings. Links to FredO's music can be found here: Find out more about the COMO Griot Society here: And you can find Mr Mosy here:

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