The Roots 'n' Blues festival edition

The Roots n Blues festival returns to Stephens Lake Park from October 7th-9th, and on this week's Speaking of the Arts Diana Moxon chats with the festivals two owners, Tracy Lane and Shay Jasper, about what it takes to make a music festival be a safe, accessible and inclusive space and how centering women is paramount to the festival's identity. There's also a check-in with two of the singer songwriters appearing at this year's festival. Kassi Ashton who released her debut radio single earlier this year, 'Dates in Pickup Trucks' inspired by her granny and grandpa's date night "I was going on dates in pickup trucks when I was 17 and apparently I'll still be doing it when I'm 90, if I'm lucky!". And Jen Norman, whose latest single 'Moon Baby' features Columbia's own Burr Oak tree. Opening and closing musical credits with thanks to guitarist Yasmin Williams (
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