White Christmas, a new conductor in town, and barbershop harmonies

'Tis the season when stages are awash in figurative tinsel and this week Diana Moxon visits three of them. At the Missouri Symphony Orchestra, their new Music Director Designate, Wilbur Lin, makes his first public performance at this weekend's Symphony of Toys concert and chats about his vision for the orchestra and how he came to found his own orchestra at 18. In Act II, Broadway actor and now Stephens College Conservatory for the Performing Arts associate professor, Lisa Brescia, and associate professor of voice, Nollie Moore, talk about the college's production of White Christmas and what it takes to make it in the performing arts. And in Act III, Diana explores the world of barbershop harmonies with the Heart of Missouri chorus' director Twilla Duvall and bass singer, Heather Vuckovic. Opening and closing music credits with thanks to guitarist Yasmin Williams (www.yasminwilliamsmusic.com)
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